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Young Town (also Suburbs) is a monochromatic area that contains friendly people, known as Suburbanites, and hostile black-colored shadow people, known as Killers. The killers cannot be harmed, but can harm Young. They're apparently ghosts, as hinted at by the Suburbanites's dialogue.

According to rock signs, Young Town was founded sometime in the 90's by Mayor Ying as part of a series of ongoing housing projects.

When Young first enters the town, he sees two Suburbanites walking about. When he tries to talk to them, he ends up stabbing them to death. However, once Young tries to initiate conversation again, they appear to be able to converse with Young. 

The residents inside houses seem to be curious about commotion going on outside (which may indicate that they are aware about murder that has happened), and some dialogue reveals that there HAS been murder going on (which would explain the Shadow People).  At one point, Young can walk in upon a man who has hung himself, and Young can read a note that describes the man "placing [himself] in danger no more." 

What makes this such a twisted story is that Young's Broom has been changed into a sword (which may not be noticable at first), which means that he is implied to be the murderer of all of the Suburbanites. The stories that the rocks tell makes this more disturbing. One girl says that Young "look[s] quite familiar," too.


Ghosts grouped together in a house.

Young can stab other Suburbanites to death as well, though they don't seem to be affected by this, other than not being able to move from their spot of death. They will continue to talk as though they are describing what they were doing, before their death.

Young Town's Gate can be found in the very lower right corner of Nexus, the top left of the four Gates. 

Rock SignsEdit

Northwest rock near entrance:


Welcome to Young Town. Please beware of some of the citizens. They do not play well with others...tread carefully. Now, Young Town was founded sometime in the '90s by Mayor Ying as a part of a series of ongoing housing projects, the name chosen as a reflection of Ying's denial of possessing the name Ying, and assertion of possessing the name Young. We'll hope you enjoy your stay.

North rock (due north of Nexus pad):

To the west are the legendary temples of the Seeing One. To the east is our wonderful Mayor Ying's apartment, which has been since closed off from visits to the public - trespassers beware.

West rock near parking lot:

On his fifth visit, Mayor Ying grew frustrated at the lack of parking lots. This parking lot reflects Ying's frustration of the lack of parking lots. Ying would occasionally park in this parking lot on subsequent visits.

Southeast rock behind trees:

I remember the long sentences I used to write. Ha! Fragmented.


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